The Grid Series

If you ask Sundown if this is the end of it all? Maybe. Maybe not. F*@k if he knows.

A dark split should never be the one to drive. But when the primary idiot checks out with a shattered heart, what choice does Sundown have? He’s got to keep shit together. He must keep Madness at bay. The Grid has fallen. And now everyone is counting on him to save the day. Insert brutal laughter here…

Deja Bloom not only lost everything but her sight as well. She’s somehow survived and when a grumpy man she couldn’t see saved her, she found herself in what was left of the Grid world. And her savior? There’s something about Sundown that no one is saying. But Deja is smart and she loves a good mystery. She might just regret that hobby.

The end of the world is knocking at humanity’s door. And Sundown was never given a plate in Reno’s life. Lucky him to finally have one overflowing, cracking, and spinning out of control. And somehow, some way… love crept in through the mess in the form of woman with a sharp tongue and crazy adept at hitting him with her damn stick.

If only he had to the time to finally claim her and love for himself.
Minus that stick…