A SPECIAL SUNDOWN & DEJA BLOOM SNEAK – I will tell you this is perhaps my favorite couple first meeting scene I’ve ever written. I do love these two.


*Copyrighted material by Jas T. Ward 2021. Raw and unedited*


The building must have been some kind of a bank. A fancy office building with high dollar leases. Not anymore. Being on the outskirts of the city, the Grid didn’t spread its patrols or outreach this far. One of the reasons I like it. No humans. No Grid. Only demons. And I never leave any of them alive to tell what they saw. Whether it be feeding Madness or my own need for violence.

Apparently, the residency count at some point increased by one person. A short woman. With skin the color of how I used to like coffee—dark but a sweet splash of cream. She had wild, black kinky hair. Her clothes were spotted with blood, dirt, and grime. Muddy sneakers on her feet.

And what appeared as the pole from a coat rack in her hand. Or maybe a piece of a shelf. She swung it at the four demons circling her. Her swings were wide, uncontrolled, and missed her targets. I cocked my head to the side and frowned in puzzlement. When I say uncontrolled, I mean wild without any skill. The demons were playing with their prey. Reaching out to touch her, then dodge away. She’d follow by swinging that lumber like a baseball bat, but striking out every time. The bastards weren’t threatened. If so, they wouldn’t be taking the time to have this much fun before they killed. Assholes.

It reminded me of when I began Eli’s staff training. “She’s blind,” I said in shock. How the fuck did a blind woman survive for a day in the outskirts? I couldn’t recall the last time I’d seen a living human being here.

“Who is that!?” The woman spun in my direction. Her eyes, unlike Eli’s, weren’t opaque. They were a soft, light brown. Beautiful even with terror and panic in their depths. Clearly my assumption about her vision had been correct. She attempted to see who spoke.

The demons heard me, too. And they could see me, unlike the woman. They went low and snarled. God, the things were ugly. The higher-level demons at least had the ability to look human. The mid-to-low level ones? Just ugly. Want to know just how gruesome? Imagine if a hairless rat with a terrible case of skin rot made a baby with the ugliest human you can think of on the planet. Now, give that offspring long, razor sharp, fangs and black claws. Top the imagery off with totally black eyes and a red pupil. Finish it with dark red, slime covered skin. There, now you know what I faced times four. Like I said, ugly fuckers.

As much as I hate to say that I have anything in common with demons, they – like me—don’t give up their prey. Not that I had plans to feed on the woman, but they didn’t know that.

“I heard you call for help,” I snarled and bared my fangs as the demons debated whether to strike down the woman. Or take on me. Her they didn’t know. Me? Ah yeah, I was a regular celebrity with the demons. If that’s the right word to use for someone you knew about and hated. Words aren’t my thing.

Anyway. Demons had a hive telepathy when in a group. The way they flexed and hissed; I’d bet they were having some mental chitty chat about their next move. The woman kept swinging. And not hitting a single damn thing.

“How do I know you’re not one of them? And this isn’t just a big ole food fight? And I’m like the fluffy piece of cake. The prize to the winner?” She swung her weapon more.

She did remind me of a dessert though. Her fault—she parked that analogy in my brain. She was curvy. Short, yes. Barely five-foot two or three? But nice rounded ass and tits. A very nice pound cake if you will. “I’m not a demon. In case you didn’t notice the demons, you’re failing to fight, don’t talk. They are lower trash ones.” The four demons smirked. One flipped me off. “But if you don’t want my help. By all means, carry on. I’ll be right over here.”

She pointed the piece of wood at me. “Good. I’ll finish these smelly things off and then you’re next.”

I laughed. A loud, deep one from my belly. “Sure. I ain’t had this much entertainment in years. There’s four of them. In case you need a count.” The demons looked confused. It increased when I kicked an overturned chair up and plopped my ass in it. I waved my hand and added a fingertip wave for them to carry on. Blinking. More blinking. They focused back on the woman assuming I gave my blessings. Wrong, of course. But if they were that stupid, that’s on them.

One lunged at her. I faded behind it and shoved it in the path of her bat. And I’d be damned, she still missed. So much for boosting her confidence. I hauled it back inches from reaching her, wrapped an arm around its head. Snap. Broken neck. Body flung out of her way, so she didn’t trip on it.

Backing up, I crossed my arms to watch as the remaining three became wary and suspicious. I smiled. They swallowed. I motioned my hand to the woman. They hesitated. The woman still swung her weapon wildly, yelling out what I presumed she considered a battle cry. It was fucking cute as hell.

“That’s a desk,” I called out when she let out a shout of triumph striking something. She let out a frustrated growl and swung again.

“I think that used to be a potted plant.” The withered plant and its pot shattered from the strike. She gave me more growls and kept swinging. Got to give the woman credit, she had spunk. And determination. In spite of her homeless lady appearance, I found it hot as hell. That is okay—fighting always gave me wood. Had little to nothing to do with the woman. Let’s not bring up the fact I’m not fighting—don’t be that person.

The three remaining demons must have decided I couldn’t care less about the woman’s fate and another skulked to her rear. I narrowed my eyes and it looked in my direction. It faltered but before it could decide to go or no go, I’d moved behind it and slit its throat.

And that’s when the woman’s “bat” found a target. My head.

“Hey! Ouch!” I yelled as I tossed the demon’s body to the side. She may have been tiny, but she packed plenty of strength with the blow. Most likely the adrenaline coursing through her for survival. “You’re not very good at this.” I ducked as she spun in the direction of my voice to arc that lumber again. “There’s two left.” I rubbed the spot on my head with a hand. “And they aren’t this way. Behind you.”

She yelped and twirled around with her weapon swinging. She came within a hair from landing it on one of the demons. But close enough never became good enough in a fight. The demon grabbed the piece of wood and jerked it from her hand. She squeaked in panic, and it lunged for her throat. Its fangs never reached their goal. But my dagger did. Right between its eyes. It dropped. Dead instantly.

And of course, the woman tripped over the body. She yelled with hands held out, feet slipping in the demon goo and she hit the floor hard.

“Oh, for fucks sake,” I snarled. Leaping in one stride over her now on the floor, I’d pulled out another dagger as I moved. Going low as the demon bent to reach the woman, I slid my blade up through its abdomen and kept going. I gutted it like a fish. Blood sprayed me. Sprayed her. Hit that poor potted plant. Glorious, glorious gore.

Straddling her as I took pleasure in the demon blood slurping to the floor. A very satisfying wet splat sound when it landed at my feet. Looking down, I found she sought a weapon. Her hands reached around her in a frantic need to find one. Smirking, I went to tell her the demons were done. I saved her, even if she didn’t want me to.

I didn’t get a chance when a fist came straight up and slammed upward into my nuts.